About the GTCNI

The work of the GTCNI
What is the GTCNI?
Can teachers be reinstated on the GTCNI Register after a period of time?

Information Held on Register & Access

What information will be held on the Register?
Who will have access to the information on the register?


How do I know if I have been registered or not?
Who needs to register?
How can I be registered and can I register online?
Can I fax or e-mail the application form to you?
What information will I need to give you when I contact you?
I am moving house/school - do I need to let you know?
I am leaving the profession/taking a sabbatical - do I need to register?
I am a substitute/supply teacher, do I need to register?
Do I need to maintain registration if I retire from teaching?

Registration Fees

Why do I have to pay a registration fee?
How much is the registration fee?
Is there a reduced fee for part-time teachers, teachers on maternity leave or supply teachers?
I have only just qualified. Do I still need to pay the registration fee?
What will the registration fee be used for?

Registration for Teachers Trained outside NI

I am a teacher who was educated/trained outside Northern Ireland and wish to teach in a grant-aided school in Northern Ireland. Can I register with the GTCNI?


1. What is regulation?
2. How does regulation Work?
3. What power does GTCNI have to regulate?
4. How do I make a complaint about a registered teacher?
5. What rights does a teacher have?
6. Who sits on GTCNI’s Regulatory Panel?
7. What is the difference between the role of an employer and GTCNI?
8. Who is responsible for the regulation of substitute teachers?