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The General Teaching Council for Northern Ireland (GTCNI), in its Corporate Plan 2004-2007, identifies the important relationship between educational research and teacher reflective practice. Objective 2 of the plan is;

'To provide an independent and authoritive voice for the profession on matters pertaining to teaching.'

To this end target 2.2 commits the Council to:

'Encourage research in areas that will impact on the effectiveness of teachers as practitioners' and in doing so;

The Council will seek to create a culture of action research within the profession itself and the development of a partnership between the research community and the teaching profession. Furthermore, in pursuit of such a partnership, the Council will promote the development of a province-wide Educational Research Database [GTCNI Corporate Plan p19].

The development of this province-wide educational research database has now been initiated. It is being developed, as an on-line research repository, in a partnership between Professor John Gardner at QUB and GTCNI. It is hoped that the repository will be launched in the autumn term 2006 and will be known as the Access to Research Resources for Teacher Space [ARRTS]. ARRTS will provide teachers, in Northern Ireland, with access to the latest educational research relevant to professional practice in schools. It will also help bring down the barriers that exist between educational researchers and teacher practitioners and in doing so it will promote the building of dynamic professional communities.

In essence, for GTCNI, professional spirit is about sustaining that intellectual curiosity which characterises the true teacher. Teachers all share a desire to understand more clearly, to reflect purposively on teaching and to share those understanding and insights with others. To promote these shared understandings, ARRTS will be organised around the concept of communities with each containing a collection of the available educational research. Moreover, it is hoped that, as the repository matures, different research communities will be established. Indeed, it is also our intention to provide a particular focus on teacher research by providing access to teachers' dissertations and other research papers written for higher degrees.

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