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Bursary Reports

Professional Development Bursary Programme

Belinda - GTCW


Bursaries were available to individual teachers who wished to carry out a professional development activity and also to teachers who wanted to work with colleagues on an inter-school basis.  

Below are the phase one bursary reports on a range of professional development themes.

Patricia Ferguson

[DOC] Job Shadowing in Beechlawn Special School

Joanne Murray

[DOC] Podcasting within a Year 7 Context

Cassandra Willis

[DOC] Developing Profession Expertise to Deliver GCSE Dance Effectively

Mark McDonald

[DOC] A new school - A learning environment

Ciara Totten

[DOC] An evaluation of the approaches to the teaching of phonics

Brenda Deery

[DOC] Work Shadowing in the careers advisory service

Sean Connolly

[DOC] A review of courses with a view to broadening the school curriculum

Joe McCann

[DOC] Reviewing my role as head of department and learning from good practice

Chris Martin

[DOC] Teaching the Electric Guitar to Improve Pupil's Self- Esteem

Flora Mc Roberts

[DOC] The Use of Art Therapy in Schools

Roisin Lynch

[DOC] Assertiveness Training for Leadership

Cathy Humphrey

[DOC] Assessment for Learning and ICT

Nuala Mc Cabe

[DOC] The use of a base teacher with a new year 8 intake

Amanda Robinson

[DOC] Co-operative learning in primary 3 and 4

Vincent Burns

[DOC] Developing competence in multi media and the school's vocational education programme

Christina Carey

[DOC] Assessing the value of the Brain Gym Balance in the classroom

Roisin McGrann and Iris Siberry

[DOC] Learning together about Play and Autism

Ed Kilgore MBE

[PDF] A study into the use of Peripheral Interface Controllers (PICs) in the area of Electronics.

Sarah Heatley

[PDF] Observing Good Practice in the Classroom.

Frances Hamilton

[PDF] Developing Counselling Skills

Amanda Robinson

[PDF] The Pedagogy of Co-operative Learning in Primary 3 and 4 Composite Class

Nicola Mc Clelland

[PDF] The Use of Phonographix Methods in the Teaching of Reading

Caroline Hart

[PDF] The Use of Peer Mentoring as Part of a School Pastoral Care Programme

Brenda Deery

[PDF] Work Shadowing Career Advisers in the Career Service NI

Brendan Mc Kenna

[PDF] A Personal Reflection on School Leadership

Padraic Barry

[PDF] An Investigation into the Local Employment Market

Stella McKittrick

[PDF] Work Shadowing a Health Promotion Officer

Joanne Norris

[PDF] The Identification of Good Practice in ICT in School

Cathy Hand

[PDF] Developing my knowledge and Understanding of SEN

Roy McClelland

[PDF] Numeracy, ICT and Boys Education

Christina Carey

[PDF] Assessing the Value of the Brain Gym Balance in the Classroom

Catherine Murphy

[PDF] Professional Development in Dance Education

Michelle McGarvey

[PDF] Literacy and the Moving Image

Sandra Douglas

[PDF] Modifying Classroom Assessment and Recording Practices in preparation for the Proposed Pupil Profile
[PDF] Part 2
[PDF] Part 3

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