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Teacher Quality is essential


Teacher Quality is Essential

GTCNI is delighted Professor Graham Donaldson, an influential educational adviser to governments around the world, will deliver the GTCNI Lecture 2015. The event forms part of the British Educational Research Association (BERA) #BERA2015 Annual Conference held at Queen’s University Belfast this year.

The theme of the Lecture is Beyond improvement…. as he believes the major challenge at present is for educational improvement policy to be set within a longer-term vision to help equip young people with living an ethical and fulfilled life and to be lifelong learners in a world of challenge and uncertainty.

Professor Donaldson has stated ahead of his visit that:

“central to the success of the longer-term vision is the quality of teachers, who need to be, not only excellent practitioners but also rounded educational professionals… who are willing to become the catalysts of change and the guardians of excellence ”

As part of the BERA conference Professor Donaldson will be chairing a GTCNI sponsored seminar examining the role of the teaching councils in Wales, Scotland, Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland in developing frameworks and mechanisms for supporting career-long professional development.  Press Release pdf



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