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One Day To Make A Difference







One Day To Make A Difference
Northern Ireland has seen many changes in its education system in the last decade.  One thing that remains unchanged is teachers' commitment and passion to improve their practice in order for their pupils to succeed

This year, the Regional Training Unit funded by the Education Authority cancelled their annual Teacher Summer School.  Teachers were shocked at this decision as the summer school is always very well attended, despite this event being held during the holidays.

There was a resounding message that it was not just the teachers this cancellation was disadvantaging, but in fact the pupils that they teach. A number of devoted educationalists in Northern Ireland, have organised a new training event using the powers of social media.
Corinne Latham, Principal of Seaview Primary School, is one of the @niedcamp team and is someone who encouraged teachers to unite and stand up for their profession.  "Our pupils suffer if we aren’t on top of our game. We tell and encourage pupils frequently to take risks in their learning, now I think we need to take a risk of our own". 

The @niedcamp team have been able to gain support from The General Teaching Council (NI), Kainos, AllState, Big Wet Fish and Stranmillis University College to deliver a one day training event which is entirely free to teachers. 

Carmel Gallagher of The General Teaching Council (NI) said "We see the immense value of investing in the continuing professional development of teachers. The austerity cuts in education should not affect our greatest resource in the classroom, the teachers"

The event is due to be hosted in Stranmillis University College on Tuesday 18 August. Over 300 attendees, 48 presenters and more than 30 exhibitors at expected to participate. 

Beverley Cripps, Head of Junior School at Ashfield Girls' High School and one of the @niedcamp team explained "This day will enable educationalists to share their expertise and inspire teachers from across Northern Ireland and further afield, their passion, innovations and creativity will be showcased and thousands of pupils in schools will benefit".

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