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FE lecturers to be given professional recognition


 FE lecturers to be given professional recognition

The General Teaching Council for Northern Ireland (GTCNI), the professional and regulatory body for teachers here, has welcomed the publication of a consultation report on proposals to give FE lecturers the same professional recognition opportunities as teachers.

Welcoming the publication of the joint consultation report by the Department of Education and the Department for Employment and Learning, the Registrar of GTCNI Dr Carmel Gallagher said:

“The General Teaching Council for Northern Ireland was established more than 10 years ago to enhance the professional status of the teaching profession by ensuring that everyone who wishes to teach in Northern Ireland is registered with GTCNI and has attained approved qualifications.

“We are delighted with these proposals that will give lecturers in FE colleges the same opportunities as school teachers to become professionally registered. We look forward to working closely with stakeholders in the FE sector to enable the registration of FE lecturers over the coming years.” 

Dr Carmel Gallagher went on to explain:

“New legislation is expected to be introduced into the Assembly in the autumn session which will also extend the functions of GTCNI so that teaching is regulated in similar ways to other professions.  GTCNI will also retain its role as an important advisory body, reflecting the views of the profession and disseminating the best in educational research and practice to the profession.

“This is a further positive step in enhancing the status of, and public trust in, teaching as a quality driven profession which is vital to the future success of young people, society and the economy.”

A summary of the DE & DEL consultation report is available to download at:



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