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School produces 5 Oxbridge prodigies


School produces five Oxbridge prodigies

17th August 2007
News Letter

THERE was good reason for celebration at Antrim Grammar School yesterday, where no less than five of its students are set for Oxbridge after phenomenal A-level success.

Top of the class of 2007 was Valerie Williamson, who gained a whopping five A grades, and will study medicine at University College, Oxford.

Hot on her tails with four of the coveted top grades were classmates Laura McNeilly and Charlotte Parte, who will both be joining her at the top university group to study medicine and veterinary science respectively.

The clever quintet was completed by English literature whizz Simon Laverty, who is off to read law at Peterhouse, Cambridge, and Michelle Thompson, also set to study law at Trinity Hall, Cambridge.

Both boffins achieved three As in their exams.

Elsewhere in the Antrim Grammar corridors, there was much celebration as a host of other sixth formers achieved straight As.

Mark Williamson came away with four under his belt, and Richard Browning, Deborah Hutchinson, Kara McLean, Nicole Murray and Danielle Rutledge all got three.

Principal Stephen Black said he was delighted with this year's results - and added that they clearly reflected the commitment of staff and pupils.


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