General Teaching Council Northern Ireland

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Joint DE/DEL Consultation process


Its time to have YOUR say

The Joint Consultation process ended Friday 18th January 2013












 What are YOUR views? 

The consultation covered the areas below

1. Do you agree that all teachers and lecturers in NI schools and FE Colleges should be subject to independent regulation?

2. Are the consultation proposals sufficient to secure independent regulation for FE Lecturers and school teachers? 

3. It is proposed to give the Council independence & to remove DE authority to: 

    - Appoint four members to the Council;

   - Approve the appointment and terms & conditions for the Registrar;

   - Approve governance arrangements including accounts and Annual Report of the Council.

Are there any issues that you feel the Departments should consider in respect of the proposed change?

4. Are there any further measures you feel the Departments should consider to secure effective registration and regulation, independent of Government?

5. Are there any other factors you feel should be considered?

The outcome of the consultation will be communicated in due course 



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