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Young teachers fail to get jobs


Friday, 20 July 2007

Young teachers fail to get jobs

20/07/2007 BBC News

More than a third of those who qualified as teachers within the last six years have not got jobs in the profession, new figures show.

Well over 1,000 over-60s and some over 65 are still being employed.

All teachers have to register with the newly-created General Teaching Council for NI and its latest figures show 19,000 working out of the 26,000 registered.

More than a third of those under 30 years of age are not doing the jobs for which they were trained.

At the opposite end of the age range, hundreds of teachers older than 60 are working and 149 teachers who are over 65 are still registered for work.

However, only 15 of that oldest age group are actually in employment as teachers.

The Teaching Council says older teachers have a right to keep on working but it would like to see new graduates entitled to a year's employment, a move which Scotland has already introduced.


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