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Fairness for every candidate at A-level



With A-level results out this week and the increased competition for university places this year, we want to reassure A-level candidates that their grades will be fair.

Our priority has been to ensure fairness for each candidate, including those aiming for the new A* grade. It is our role to ensure standards are maintained and that the results are awarded fairly.

Whatever grades candidates achieve, they can be confident that they have not been unfairly disadvantaged, or advantaged, because they took their exam with one exams board and not another.

We know things are tough for candidates this year with increased competition for university places. It is important that they, and universities and prospective employers, know that the results are an accurate record of achievement and have been awarded fairly.

A-level results will be announced on Thursday (August 19). This year sees some significant changes to A-levels, with the introduction of the new A* grade and new style exam papers.

The A* recognises and rewards exceptional performance at A-level, especially in the harder A2 papers, and allows the highest performing candidates to stand-out more.

Ofqual has been working with its regulatory partners in Wales and Northern Ireland and the awarding bodies for two years to prepare for the awards this summer.

Our exams doctor is on hand to help with any questions you or your constituents may have. The exams doctor answers questions on the examination system in general, including queries on A-levels and GCSEs, what learners should do when they receive their results, and how learners can get the best from them.

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