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Inspections can be a very powerful catalyst for improvement



Chief Inspector of the Education and Training Inspectorate (ETI), Stanley Goudie, has noted the clear potential for inspection to lead to improvement in the performance of organisations inspected.

Mr Goudie was speaking after publication of an ETI report on follow-up inspections carried out during the 2009/10 year. Mr Goudie said: “Inspection of education, youth or training organisations will not in itself lead to improvement. However, inspection and follow-up inspection can be a very powerful catalyst for improvement. Furthermore, inspection can help organisations develop a culture of self evaluation, leading to sustained self improvement.

“External evaluation and challenge can highlight issues requiring attention, and when properly addressed, real improvements can be made. During the past year the ETI carried out 99 follow up inspections of organisations in the education, youth and training sectors. We recorded improvements in 82% of instances when compared with the original inspection. No organisations declined in their level of performance.

“Improvements were seen in better strategic leadership and management, and this area can have significant impact on how an organisation performs.”

Mr Goudie concluded: “As the educational landscape changes and raising standards is placed at the core of educational policies, the members of the ETI recognise the important part they can play in raising standards and closing the achievement gap.”



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