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Principals have attended GTCNI Nursery Conference


The keynote speaker at the GTCNI/RTU Nursery Conference which was well attended by local Principals yesterday was Margaret Edgington. The conference provoked a high level of  participation and feedback on the current challenges being faced by the Nursery Sector.  The keynote speaker is an Early Years Consultant, working widely in the UK and abroad, having published numerous books in the area. 

Margaret Edgington shared good practice and innovative approaches in engaging young children, focussing on establishing a positive attitude to learning, to develop a high self esteem, and as the basis to the acquisition of skills and knowledge.   The creation of an environment which promotes the highest expectations for independence, choice, repsonsibility and learning was cited as the key to children reaching their full potential without restraints or preconceived ideas of suitable levels of achievement.

The conference attendees were also addressed byTom Hesketh (RTU Director) who explored School Leadership and Eddie McArdle (GTCNI, Registrar) who closed the conference with reflections on Teacher Professionalism.    

The themed workshops provided an opportunity for Nursery Principals to learn from their peers and the feedback at the plenary session was resounding -  the pervasive constraints of time and resources are clearly limiting factors in the day-to-day work of nursery schools but the commitment and passion of the profession is resolute and unwaivering. 


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