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Celebration of vocational exam success


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A day of celebration is to be held this week to raise the profile of vocational qualifications and celebrate achievements.

Plans for VQ Day in the north are being led by the Department for Employment and Learning in conjunction with the vocational qualifications community.

It will mirror similar events being held on the same day in England, Scotland and Wales.

Millions of people will gain a vocational qualification this year, and this will be their stepping stone to a brighter future. VQ Day celebrates this achievement and the many paths to success taken by learners of all ages.

Vocational qualifications are increasingly sought after by business as they give candidates the practical and applicable skills required to perform successfully at work.

Particularly during a time of recession, these kinds of qualifications can give a business the edge over competitors in terms of customer service, quality of goods and services delivered and business efficiency.

Increasingly, they are becoming a preferred option to school-leavers and others seeking to progress in a career.

This is because they arm that individual with the specific skills and knowledge that they need to work effectively and progress within a particular industry.

A roll-call of vocational success has been established online at VQ Day homepage, with all learners past and present invited to add their name to the list of people who have gained a qualification.

In addition, two national ‘VQ Heroes’ will be recognised, selected from regional winners.

The department intends to hold a VQ Day award ceremony in Northern Ireland which will centre on recognising outstanding achievements of those who completed a qualification between August 1 2006 and May 1 2009.

This will take place on June 24 at Belfast’s Waterfront Hall.


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