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Pupils sit the final 11-plus test


21/11/2008 :: Northern Ireland :: BBC News

More than 15,000 primary seven pupils across Northern Ireland are to sit the second part of the last 11-plus exam.

Some politicians, parents and teachers are concerned that there is still no concrete plan for what will replace the controversial exam next year.

The test may be ending on Friday after 60 years, but academic selection is still allowed for the time being.

Some grammar schools have said they will stage their own entrance exams next year.

However, as a compromise measure Northern Ireland Education Minister Caitriona Ruane has suggested a transition phase.

The schools would be able to use academic criteria for 50% of pupils in the first year, with this being completely phased out after three years.

However, this has not yet been agreed.

If academic selection is not used, parents are being told to make an informed choice on which sort of school is more suitable for their child, based on their Pupil Profile and consulting with primary school teachers.

Two weeks ago, pupils sat the first part of the hour-long transfer test which covers English, maths and science.

The children will receive their results in February.



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