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Tories for academic selection in North


Tories for academic selection in north

17/05/2007 BBC News

The Conservative Party has said it supports the "retention of academic selection and the grammar/secondary school system" in Northern Ireland.

The Tories last night moved to clarify its position on the issue in the north after a row within the party over plans to scrap support for academic selection.

Jeffrey Peel, Conservative Party spokesman on education in Northern Ireland, said: "In Northern Ireland we're fortunate to have a near uniform system of academic selection," Mr Peel said.

"Statistics show that the system we have here creates much better levels of social mobility than the present system in England.

"In addition, Northern Ireland has one of the highest stocks of grammar schools in the UK - many of which are among the best performing schools in the UK.

"Our policy is clear," he said.

"We support the retention of academic selection."


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