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First Survey of Teachers


The General Teaching Council today released the findings of its first survey of Teachers.

Conducted by PriceWaterhouseCoopers on behalf of General Teaching Council, the survey afforded classroom practitioners an opportunity to reflect and comment on a wide range of professional issues.

Speaking at the launch Ms Sally Mc Kee said: "This report is an important first for Northern Ireland's teachers and is a clear indication of the Council's commitment to ensuring that the voice of the classroom practitioner is heard in the development of policy. It is particularly fortuitous that the report should issue at a time when Northern Ireland's politicians are in discussion about the setting up of a local administration. We in the General Teaching Council would be most anxious to ensure that our local politicians hear the authentic voice of the classroom practitioner as they, the politicians set about the development of a new agenda for education".

Commenting on the response by teachers to the survey she added: "The willingness of teachers to participate reflects a sense of frustration on the part of the profession that their voice has not always been heard in the processes of policy development and indicates a willingness of teachers to become involved in the debate on the nature and purposes of education."

In conclusion she said: "As Chairperson of GTCNI, I found it most gratifying to see that for teachers in Northern Ireland 'interaction with pupils' remains the greatest source of professional satisfaction. Indeed some 94% identified this aspect of their work as the most rewarding feature of their professional life."

The survey can be downloaded - please click here



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