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Cross-nation research into mutual recognition of teaching qualifications


The NFER's recent research report into the mutual recognition of teaching qualifications, jointly commissioned by the Teaching Councils and Government departments of the UK and Ireland has shown "...a considerable convergence in terms of what is required of teacher trainees. Areas of divergence are on a more cosmetic level..." The report suggests that "...standardisation of the ways that the standards are presented, entry requirements and quality assurance mechanisms would reduce system difference and encourage swifter mutual recognition of teaching qualifications...".

Under the European Directive on a general system for the recognition of higher education diplomas awarded on completion of professional education and training of at least three years' duration (89/48/EEC as amended by 2001/19/EC), a professional qualification awarded in one EEA country must be recognised in another.

The findings of the independent research report are encouraging given European labour mobility and the undoubted impact that the expansion of the European Union will have over the next few years on teacher mobility.

The report is available here (in PDF format 300k)


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