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Welcome for package to help teaching principals


The largest employer of teachers in the north has welcomed plans for a multi-million-pound package to assist teaching principals.

More common in small rural schools, teaching principals combine the roles of head teacher and tutor but receive one salary.

It is estimated that there are as many as 450 teaching principals in the north.

It has previously been said that education budgets could not sustain non-teaching principals in small schools.

Financial constraints often mean that one person has to perform two roles.

Announcing her education budget, minister Caitriona Ruane said £12 million would be set aside specifically to help primary school teaching principals.

Donal Flanagan, chief executive of the Council for Catholic Maintained Schools, said the cash was "extremely welcome".

"If there is a group of beleaguered people in education then this is that group," Mr Flanagan said.

He said a £2.5 million package for an emotional health and well-being programme was also welcome.

Mr Flanagan praised a counselling initiative that had already started at Christ the Redeemer Primary School in the Lagmore area of Belfast.

"There is a good example of the school, education and library board, health trust and Barnardo's working in a very coherent way to address problems," he said.



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