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New Responsibilities for the Council


The Education (NI) Order 2006 conferred, on the Council, significant new responsibilities in respect of 'approval of qualifications'. On the 19th of October 2007 the Council assumed responsibility for approving the qualifications of all those wishing to join the profession and work as teachers in Northern Ireland's grant-aided schools.

Previously, this 'approval' work had been carried out by the Department of Education, but the Council, as the professional body for teachers and in common with other professional regulators, is now is in the position to determine what are the appropriate teaching qualifications which can lead to admission to the Council's Register of Teachers.

These new arrangements have been confirmed by the Department in the GTCNI (Approval of Qualifications) Regulations (NI) 2007 and in the recently issued Circulars 2007/21 and 2007/22.

In effect, the Council will act as the single point of contact for teachers seeking registration and approval of qualifications. The Council's Registration Team have developed new application to register processes and will be dealing with applications from teachers educated/trained in Northern Ireland, the UK, EU/EEA countries and the 'Rest of the World'.


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