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7. What is the difference between the role of an employer and GTCNI?

The employer (or employing authority) will be a school Board of Governors or body such as the Education Authority or CCMS. They are required to deal with any allegation of misconduct using the agreed disciplinary process as set out in the ‘Disciplinary Procedure for Teachers including Principals and Vice-Principals in Grant-Aided Schools with fully delegated Budgets’ (TNC 2016/2).

The employer also has a duty to notify GTCNI about any teacher who is dismissed, or resigns prior to dismissal, on the grounds of misconduct; and to provide GTCNI with the information it needs to carry out an investigation or any subsequent conduct hearing.

GTCNI has a duty to ensure that a registered teacher is suitable to be a member of the teaching profession in Northern Ireland. GTCNI also has a responsibility to investigate referrals and to remove a teacher from the GTCNI Register if misconduct is proven at a conduct hearing.

It is important to recognise the difference between the role of GTCNI and the role of the employer.

There are a number of things that GTCNI will not do, such as: intervene in matters between an employer and teacher or overturn any decision made by a school or an employer; investigate complaints against a school or employer in terms of how they have dealt with a particular situation; facilitate mediation between any teacher or member of the public; ask a teacher to apologise for any action; or investigate any allegation from a member of the public that relates to teacher competence.


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