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4. How do I make a complaint about a registered teacher?

In the first instance, you should contact the school principal of the teacher in question and use the school’s complaints policy.

If you require further guidance you can also contact the employing authority, e.g. a school governing body, CCMS or Education Authority.

If you believe the matter is a child welfare/protection issue you can go directly to the PSNI or social services.

GTCNI can receive complaints, allegations or referrals from an employer, the PSNI, the public and other bodies. But we can only investigate a complaint or allegation about misconduct.

Issues relating to competence are the responsibility of the teacher’s employer and any concern should be raised directly with the school principal.

We will become involved when local employer processes are completed and a teacher has been dismissed on the grounds of misconduct or resigned prior to dismissal, or if they are convicted of a relevant criminal offence.


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