General Teaching Council Northern Ireland

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2. How does regulation Work?

There are four main stages involved in regulation:

Referral where an allegation, complaint or referral is received by GTCNI.

Screening to establish if the referral falls within our statutory remit and if any relevant employer processes have been completed.

Investigation where an Investigating Committee, drawn from the membership of our Regulatory Panel, will look at the available evidence and a written response from the teacher concerned and decide if a teacher has a case to answer.

A Conduct hearing where a Conduct Committee, drawn from the membership of our Regulatory Panel, will hear all of the facts relating to the case and make a decision about the allegation and whether a teacher should be removed from the Register. The teacher concerned has a right to make representations.

If an allegation of misconduct is proven or a teacher is convicted of a relevant criminal offence, and a Conduct Committee finds that the behaviour is fundamentally incompatible with being a teacher, the only sanction available to GTCNI is removal from the Register.

A Conduct Committee can set a specific length of time that a teacher is ‘removed’ from the Register or decide the time limit is indefinite. Any application for reinstatement will be dealt with by a new Conduct Committee only after the time period of removal from the Register has expired.

Any decision made by a Conduct Committee can be published and this may include notification on GTCNI’s website.

Any teacher removed from a teaching Register in the UK will not be able to register in Northern Ireland.


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