About Us

The Council is the independent professional body for teachers in Northern Ireland. It is dedicated to enhancing the status of teaching and promoting the highest standards of professional conduct and practice. If you wish to teach in a grant-aided school in Northern Ireland you must be registered with the Council.

The Council will offer a fresh and authoritative perspective on educational issues by drawing on the experience and knowledge of teachers. It will afford teachers the opportunity to contribute to, and shape, the future development of the profession.

Council's Profile and Core Activities

Established under the auspices of the Education (Northern Ireland) Order 1998, the Council has a membership of 33, the majority of whom are teachers. The Council is constituted as follows: 14 members are elected directly by the profession with a further 5 members nominated by the Northern Ireland Teaching Council. In addition, 10 members are nominated by broader interests within education including the Higher Education Institutions, Employing Authorities and other agencies. There are also 4 members appointed by the Department of Education for Northern Ireland.

The Council's responsibilities as set out in the Education (Northern Ireland) Order 1998, Articles 34-41, are as follows:

- The registration of teachers;

- The development of a Code of Professional Values and Practice for the profession;

- Disciplinary functions relating to professional misconduct;

- The provision of advice to the Department of Education and Employing Authorities on: