General Teaching Council Northern Ireland

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The General Teaching Council for Northern Ireland is the statutory, independent body for the teaching profession and is dedicated to enhancing the status of teaching and promoting the highest standards of professional conduct and practice.


GTCNI Review of Teacher Competences and CPD

Teaching: The Reflective Profession

PDF Size:2,957.40K

Teacher Competences Document - launched 15th June 2007, explaining the Council's views on the purposes of education and the skills and attributes required by those seeking recognition and registration as teachers.

Press Releases

Teaching Councils Joint Statement

PDF Size:282.13K

The Teaching Councils of Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales and the Republic of Ireland joint statement - 22nd April 2013

Professional Development

The Reflective Profession 3rd-edition

PDF Size:2,957.40K

The Reflective Profession 3rd-edition


Teachers' Voice 2010

PDF Size:5,000.78K

A survey presenting the views of registered teachers on a range of professional matters


termtalk edition 24 summer 2012

PDF Size:4,148.12K

termtalk edition 24 summer 2012

termtalk - summer 2011

PDF Size:2,274.28K

termtalk edition 21 summer 2011

termtalk spring 2011

PDF Size:K

termtalk edition 20 spring 2011

termtalk autumn 2010

PDF Size:K

termtalk Issue 19 Autumn 2010

termtalk summer 2010

PDF Size:K

termtalk Issue 18 Summer 2010

termtalk spring 2010

PDF Size:K

termtalk Issue 17 spring 2010

termtalk - October 2010

PDF Size:2,588.36K

autumn edition

termtalk - May 2010

PDF Size:2,165.11K

summer edition 2010

termtalk - February 2010

PDF Size:1,484.36K

Featuring 'Being Literate in the 21st Century'

termtalk November 2009

PDF Size:1,651.65K

Making the Professional's Voice Heard in the Policy Arena

termtalk - June 2009

PDF Size:3,248.14K

The summer 2009 edition of GTCNI's newsletter

termtalk - February 2009

PDF Size:3,382.48K

The quarterly newsletter from GTCNI headlining 'Every Child and Equal Child' from the Equality Commission

termtalk June 2008

PDF Size:1,265.79K

termtalk June 2008

termtalk February 2008

PDF Size:664.21K

termtalk February 2008

termtalk - November 2007

PDF Size:1,308.95K

The November 2007 edition features the ESA, The Council's new responsibilites, Articles on Assessment for Learning, Induction and EPD

termtalk June 2007

PDF Size:782.88K

termtalk June 2007

termtalk March 2007

PDF Size:1,132.79K

The Official Newsletter of the General Teaching Council March 2007

termtalk September 2006

PDF Size:1,731.42K

termtalk September 2006

termtalk June 2006

PDF Size:757.13K

termtalk June 2006

termtalk January 2006

PDF Size:908.52K


termtalk September 2005

PDF Size:1,134.77K

termtalk September 2005

termtalk June 2005

PDF Size:487.13K

termtalk June 2005

termtalk February 2005

PDF Size:752.35K

termtalk February 2005



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